Crisis management

gestion de criseA delicate, unexpected situation and dangereuse…
We will be at your side for its standardization.
We will bring you reasonable solutions
and original. 

on your professional activities, travel, social conflict or in your private life, you may be exposed to difficult to control risks:
Media campaign of complaining, blackmail, threats, sequestration, disappearance, abduction, legal problems, terrorist risks... 

The ALIZE INTERNATIONAL GROUP is your personal strike force !
With rigor and cold blood, our seasoned professionals will master crises situations in which you may experience. 
Our multidisciplinary experts, enjoy a unique experience in the public sector (Police, Gendarmerie, army, Civil Protection) and private (lawyers, doctors, engineers, technicians, performers...)

ALIZE INTERNATIONAL GROUP will set up a crisis cell, which, in conjunction with local authorities, advise you, seek information, assess the risks, will lead negotiations, mediations and, if necessary, will give you an effective and appropriate response in accordance with the Act.


Knowledge to make exceptional. Contacts around the world. Discrete and performance bonds. Important logistics. Imagination and courage !