close protection

protectionWith 13 years of experience, the GROUP ALIZE INTERNATIONAL professionals protect, worldwide, of public and private figures.

Our men, as of the stewards, fit perfectly into your living conditions.
Under the direction of the Director General, they perform a contre-ciblage of your environment and identify potential threats to you or your loved ones to develop your custom protection plan.
Very trained physically and psychologically, specialists of the action and combat sports, our bodyguards are trained continuously in high technology.

Discreet, courteous, rigorous, versatile and professional, they have experience of effective guidance and high level logistics (sophisticated means of communication, radio and satellite, armoured vehicles, explosives detection equipment).

Composed of men and women of experience, our teams always act in strict compliance with the laws and, where appropriate, in connection with the official services. 
Whatever the situation that you are experiencing, we ensure your protection and ensure your physical integrity with discretion and rigour.


As long as there are threats. II need of shells...
Threats. Dangers. Travel at risk. We ensure your protection.