Alizé International - the group which offers a set of services high range

alize international

The Alizé International Group offers to its cosmopolitan clientele, a set of high range service delivery related to :
rondThe creation, organization, management, control, trade policy of any company, subsidiary or not.

rondYour integrity. Whatever the situation you are facing, we ensure your physical protection with discretion and rigour.

rondYour property and your event security by any means such as : security guards, monitoring.

rondThe business welcome desk, events meetings, promotion and animation specially made by our professional hostesses and hosts.


The Group
Alizé International

Has all the material and technical means which guarantee the quality of its services.
It has all amenities necessary for the industry and insurance.
All of its agents meet very specific selection criteria and the requirements for a certification test that it has initiated (adaptability, reactivity, privacy, serenity...).


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